Programming robots, learning to mount an electronic circuit or mixing chemicals are 

Programming, robots, experiments… We don’t talk about college or practice classes in the institute’s lab. We talk about each other’s home, especially if there are children. If you want your children, your nephews, your grandchildren, your godsons or other little ones in your circle to become a hobby of science and technology, Help to write the letter to the Magi. and inspire them with to add some of the toys that we’re going to talk about today.

There are for all tastes and ages, and to awaken all kinds of vocations. Toddlers can enjoy with a colorful mouse that moves according to dictation of our orders. The larger ones (and even the nostalgic adults), with the pieces of LEGO, which have been modernized. And the fans of the experiments can mount a portable lab.

Robots and Miniature Machines

Meccans are a Christmas classic. And although today more gifts can be carried as tablets, smartphones and electric scooters, these analogue toys have been modernized for children to learn about physics or computer science.

Is the case of the Fischertechnik Pneumatic Power (43.99 euros in Amazon), a box with 200 construction pieces with which to design up to five different toys. In particular, it is ideal for learning pneumatic concepts, because It allows to build a crane or a bulldozer whose shovel moves. This kit is suitable for children from 8 years old with the help of an adult.