Google is one of the most innovative companies of recent times, and many of its ambitious projects are born from its division known as Google X, although the company has another ambitious division that is known as Google Roof, which is precisely the one that has created Project Only, a technology that promises Revolutionize the way we interact with electronic devices.

To have a better context, Project Only It is a technology that allows us to control any intelligent device with gestures, it has been more than three years since it was shown, and To this day It has had promising advances, because through a small radar can detect thousands of gestures accurately, so we can interact with the screen of our phone or some other device without touching it.

Project Only is posed as the future of interaction with mobile devices, and the good news is that it is very close to becoming a reality, because the FCC (United States Federal Communications Commission) approved Google the use of this technology, so we are likely to see it this year on the market.

The FCC has had to grant a permit because it is a wireless technology, so there must be a control and regulation when it comes to technologies or devices that emit radar waves, as this is how Project Only It manages to detect our movements.

Likewise, Google also reached an agreement with Facebook, after Mark Zuckerberg’s company mentioned that this technology could have interference with other existing technologies, so Project Only It will operate at a higher frequency than that used by other technologies, but it would be less than what Google initially raised. and development makes technology step up gradually

That is why the current information age is the scene of hundreds of studies and research. Of these, new paradigms have been shed that have transformed life as it was known.

Thus, daily life has gradually evolved into the future that a few decades ago seemed so far away. But that today is a reality, including Many of the advances that seemed impossible.

In this sense, the continuous work of public and private research Has managed to bring technological evolution to unsuspected levels. This is evidenced in areas such as access to information, entertainment, productive capacity, and even health and education. An example of this is the manufacture of Components Electronic In Barcelona Ever smaller, as well as cell phones and 3d printers. However I’ve seen it so far, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Experts predict ever more forceful and radical progress in society as a result of the unstoppable scientific development.

In the face of accelerated demographic growth, and the need for sustainable cities, various studies point to the creation of new intelligent urban areas. This refers to Urban environments that integrate new technologies in their operation, in order to improve the experience of its inhabitants. A Second But no less important purpose of these cities is respect for the environment.

In this sense, the subsidiary company of Google, Alphabet He has been developing a pilot project in Toronto, Canada for some time. It’s about A smart neighborhood capable of measuring and analyzing different data in real time. In this way, you will be able to register the pollution patterns, and point out actions to reduce them.