Nike has come under fire in recent months for doping charges involving Salazar. He is now banned from the sport for four years, and his elite Nike team has been dismantled. In October, Nikes chief executive resigned. (In an email, Salazar denied many of Cains claims, and said he had supported her health and welfare. Nike did not respond to a request for comment.)
The culture that created Salazar remains.
Kara Goucher, an Olympic distance runner who trained with the same program under Salazar until 2011, said she experienced a similar environment, with teammates weighed in front of one another.
When youre training in a program like this, youre constantly reminded how lucky you are to be there, how anyone would want to be there, and its this weird feeling of, Well, then, I cant leave it. Who am I without it? Goucher said. When someone proposes something you dont want to do, whether its weight loss or drugs, you wonder, Is this what it takes? Maybe it is, and I dont want to have regrets. Your careers are so short. You are desperate. You want to capitalize on your career, but youre not sure at what cost.
She said that after being cooked meager meals by an assistant coach, she often had to eat more in the privacy of her condo room, nervous he would hear her open the wrappers of the energy bars she had there.

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