Channel 10 has finally revealed which familiar faces were set to see cutting a rug on Dancing With The Stars 2020.From TV stars to sporting heroes, reality stars and beyond, this year’s competition boasts a line-up to impress, hosted by Grant Denyer and Amanda Keller.
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Actress Claudia Karvan, comedians Ed Kavalee and Celia Pacquola, reality stars Angie Kent and Dean Wells, singer Dami Im and Christian Wilkins, the socialite son of Channel 9 entertainment reporter Richard Wilkins are among the celebrities who will be fighting for the crown come Sunday February 9 at 7.30pm.
But one rather surprising addition to the cast is Olivia Newton John’s actress daughter Chloe Lattanzi, fresh from the US.
Lattanzi has made headlines over the years for heartbreaking ongoing battle with anorexia, which both she and her famous mum have opened up about over the years.
The 33-year-old is no stranger to reality TV, having pursued a music career for several years, notably via US reality show Rock the Cradle in 2009.
During an interview aired on the show, Lattanzi opened up about her early life.
“My mum travelled a lot so I think I missed out a lot when I was younger,” Lattanzi said.
“I’ve spent a lot of time alone in big houses.
“That was hard.
“I suffered from anorexia and that has been the darkest time in my life and I used music to express it and get through it.”
Newton-John, who split with Chloe’s father, actor Matt Lattanzi, in 1995, was also interviewed on the show and became emotional when she spoke about her daughter’s struggle with anorexia.
“She has had to battle this problem in front of the world, being judged and photographed by paparazzi, and it was hard,” said Newton-John, choking back tears.
In 2017, Lattanzi sparked concern over her appearance on Instagram when she posted a black and white photo of herself in a crop top and jeans.
The star deleted the photo soon after posting it, but put it up again with an emotional caption.
“OK I’m too skinny,” she wrote. “Say what you like. I can’t care anymore. I am in so much pain and one fun thing for me to do is take pictures and be creative to forget about my troubles.”
It came weeks after her 71-year-old Grease star mum announced her breast cancer return, an experience Chloe described as “profoundly painful”.
“I just got up off the floor,” she continued in the post. “I’ve been sobbing for an hour, feeling the collective energy of strangers all over the world weighing in on my family’s problems.
“Since I was born this has been my life,” she said.
Chloe was thrust into the spotlight as a teenager when she sought treatment for her eating disorder.
“This life is also what I believe what made me sick,” she continued of her struggle.
“The anorexia, the depression. I’ve spent my life trying to please strangers. If I continue to do so I will die.”
In 2016, Olivia spoke of her daughter’s mental health battle during an appearance on 60 Minutes.
“I think it’s hard to be the child of a person in the limelight, I really understand that,” she said. “There’s privilege but there’s also other things that come along with that.”
Dancing With The Stars premieres Sunday, February 9 at 7.30pm on Ten.